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A knife made daily work

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A knife I have made for a friend of mine to be used in his Daily work with the reindeers. It is a very classic sami design with a modern twist. It is what many would consider the best knife for the outdoors.

A wrapped box made of antler and birch Wood

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A wrapped box made of antler and birch Wood. Its a big project and the first problem is to find good enough antler to make it. It is around 17×13 cm.

Two knives with a modern design

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Two knives with a modern design. The leather work is inspired by Sami engravings and makes the leather into a harmonious continuation of the engraved antler. The knives where on exhibition at the market in Jokkmokk 2015.

Ongoing projects

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A fun project with a design from an old regiment here in Kiruna. A group of people who made their military service in Kiruna ordered utility knives with a design inspired by that regiment. The wolf in the center was their mark. I will be making six of those. A utility knife to be...

Guksi for daily use

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Kåsa made to a friend for daily use. Nice feeling when you know that some handicrafts will be used.