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About me

Fredrik Prost is a Sami artisan and handicraftsman from Viikusjärvi, a small village in the northernmost part of Sweden. He currently lives and works in Kiruna. Prost’s traditional upbringing, in a family of skilled artisans and handicraftsman, inspired and taught him to make beautiful, intricate, and detailed Sami handicrafts. Since the young age of 15, he has been using the tools of his ancestors to craft traditional Sami knives, drums, bowls and cups, jewelry, and more. While he learned a great deal from working with the skilled handicraftsman in his family, he went on to study for three years in Jokkmokk, a Saami education center, to hone more abilities. 

Prost is constantly aiming for the perfect balance between beauty and function in his work. The detail of every part of each object is significant. Prost forges his own blades. Like his ancestors, he makes leather and thread from reindeer skin and tendons. He collects wood and antlers from nature to use in his handcrafted traditional objects.

What has been his passion for over two decades continues to be his livelihood. His work has been displayed at major galleries and institutions all over the world such as the National Art Gallery of Canada and The University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI). Most recently, he had a solo exhibition at the prestigious 2017 Jokkmokk Winter Market. He has received many notable awards such as the Asa Kitok Award at the 2016 Jokkmokk Winter Market and 1st Place during the Knifeweek in Ludvika Sweden in 2013.